Hello Friends!


Yet another tragedy has struck American soil, or rather yet a farce. This week a police officer shot another unarmed black man in North Miami.


The fellow’s name is Charles Kinsey and was a therapist for children with behavioural and mental disabilities. One of the children wandered off and Kingsey went after him, where he was then shot in the leg by a police officer.

Now, here’s the joke. Charles Kinsey had his hands up the entire time he was interacting with the police officer and not only that he exclaimed that he was only there to help bring his patient back into the building. he was still shot though! And what makes me laugh was when Kingsey asked this police officer why he was shot, the officer replied with ‘I don’t know’. Um what? How can you possibly not know why you shot someone who wasn’t a threat to you  and complied to all legalities!?!?!?


I swear, someone needs to pinch me because this seems like this is becoming like an episode of some crappy sitcom that has long lost the joke. Like seriously America, what the hell is your law enforcement even about?

It just all seems like some sick joke.

However, since this incident there haven’t been many people preaching to Facebook that ‘if he followed all the rules, he wouldn’t get shot’. I mean what is the logic there?

Countless of examples including Charles Kinsey shows that even if you follow the police’s demands to a T, you still gettin’ shot boo.

I fear for the future of America, nothing seems to change and things don’t get better so what’s next for America? What’s next for the rest of the world?

I’ve been to a few protests and I could see that the people of today want change. To make that happen though, we need action and we need to properly plan.

First things first, we need to show our support on the cause. Educate yourselves , your friends and your family. Make racism something that ISN’T a normal thing.

Along with that, show support by signing the weareheremovement   petition to ask Congress to take better measures in the justice department.

Invest into our community, look up black owned business and invest! Our strength will come not only in our numbers but also in our sense of unity.

Right now we need change, and we all could be a part of that change for a better future.