Hey Friends!

So funny thing, I think I broke my friend’s hair dryer . As I have FINALLY found a hair stylist to braid my hair, I prepped my hair for the upcoming process by washing, deep condition then blowdrying it straight.

However, my friend’s blow dryer could not withstand the intensity of hair and gave out at around the last quarter of the way. We had to take frequent breaks since the hair dryer kept overheating. The mouth had started to light up and black smoke had arise from the vent. Obviously me and my friend who was helping me realized that continuing this meant certain death so, I opted to just not continue blow drying my hair.

Thus, creating this.


Not my best look. The back was dry and stretched out while the front was still shrunken and moist.

Although all that went wrong, I still had a pretty good night! I saw some friends whom I haven’t seen in awhile and I realized how easy and comfortable I am with these people. The friends I’ve made in London have been my truest and most trustworthy people to have close to me. I’m very lucky to have them and will miss them insanely when I go.I think next time I want to blow out my hair, I’m just going to visit a salon for some heavy duty shit.

(RIP Blowdryer)