Hello friends!

Today started on a relatively good note. As I was walking over to the train station ( being late as usual) I saw a brother and sister walk past me.

The brother seemed quite young, about 8-12 years of age while the sister was clearly in her teens or even early adulthood. The brother was walking and attempting the newest dance craze ‘the dab’ and was having so much fun with it. His sister however, looked at him with mild annoyance and shook her head mouthing ‘No’.

I could see though that she was smiling when her little brother wasn’t looking.

It was literally the sweetest thing.

That family dynamic was very similar to my own as my little brother and I have over 12 years of age difference. Seeing them made me miss him and my entire family all the more.

Since I moved to England from Canada, I’ve always made sure to message my parents at least once a week to know that I was okay and to give them the deets on any current drama. Sometimes, my siblings would join in on the phone call and give me a shy hello and the latest events that were happening in their life. Recently, I noticed my brother has been more vocal when I’m on the phone and makes sure that I know all about what he’s doing and how he is. He also reminds me how much he loves me every single day making me realize how much I love that little boy.

I am blessed to have such a loving family despite family drama and whatever else families have. I started my adventure wanting to get away, to escape the drama, the conflict and the hate and now, I start to see more and more how much I took my family for granted. Despite our problems, they were always there and ready.

My family love and support me and I’m literally so lucky to have each and every one of them. Saying that, Father’s Day is coming up so I should probably give my dad a call and listen to him rant and rave about god knows what.

If I had a lesson for the day I would say, don’t take your family for granted. It may not seem like it but they love you with all their heart. It took me a while to learn that.