Good Evening Friends,

I’m realizing that most of these blog posts are written at around midnight and it’s not for creative purposes! I literally only have free time around midnight to sit down and write stuff. Like, what is my life? haha.

It’s so funny how we’re supposed to be in the beginning of summer but this week, all I’ve been welcomed with is traditional London weather of rain and clouds. To be honest, I like rain it’s very calming and serene. However after four days straight of it, you start to wonder if summer in London is actually a thing.

Now it’s storytime. So today something happened that has kind of irked me and maybe I might be too sensitive or maybe I’m just reading into it too much but… I ain’t happy.

So basically, I was cruising on Twitter one day and saw this girl who had tweeted that a certain company were hiring people. She directed followers to her tweet and said to reach out to her to get the connection. Now, I’m all for trying to get the next opportunity so I hopped on it and replied ASAP, letting her know I was interested. I was excited since this opportunity had many of my interests involved and would love great on my CV.I saw that the amount of people replying were swarming so maybe I stood a chance.

So I waited 10 minutes. Nothing. Fair enough, maybe she was busy. Another 10 minutes and still nothing. I spent some time looking at all the replies and the confirmation tweets about getting further details. Another 10 minutes. STILL NOTHING. The minutes turned to hours and next thing you know it was the next day and I still got no response! Now, most people will be like, ‘Chill. Maybe this person is busy.’   Which is a reasonable thought to have. However this person was replying and tweeting all day and it just made me wonder what the hell was going on. So, I finally retweeted the same Tweet and tagged her in it re- expressing my interest.

I saw on my Twitter feed that she had responded to other potential candidates while I still waited on a message. I felt cheated. Obviously my mind went a million miles a minute wondering what did I do to not deserve a chance.

Was I too desperate?

Maybe she didn’t see my reply?

Maybe she doesn’t like black people? ( far- fetched I know but I get ridiculous when I panic)

The longer I waited for a reply the more I felt like some sort of injustice has been served to me. Unfortunately, a thing that my mom has always told me resonates  in situations like these.

‘Shit Happens.’ and it does.

Maybe I was too eager or maybe that person was just too busy but for me I always tend to take these things personally as irrational as it sounds. I still haven’t received a reply yet and it’s day 2. So I think this opportunity will not be for me. Bummer.

But as they say, you never know what the future holds and what I miss out now might not compare to what I experience next. I just need to not lose my momentum and still strive to better myself and move forward.

So if you are feeling like a rejected prom date when it comes to life, just wait. You have no idea what the future holds and it might be better than some crummy job ad on Twitter. Just hang on.