Good evening friends,

I just saw on Facebook about the Florida Orlando shootings at a gay club and it saddened me deeply.

I wasn’t sure what to think at first, like why is there homophobia in the world, why is there still so much hate, why is there guns?!?!?!

On my Twitter and Instagram feed came the slew of posts, some were people giving their condolences while others were ranting and raving about gun laws in America. These posts had me thinking of something a family member of mine shared on Facebook.

She lives in Canada but came over to the UK to spend some time off and one remark she made of Europe was, ‘There’s no racism/homophobia in Europe like there is in The States, it’s so refreshing’ .

That statement got me thinking, in my mind I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I mean  immigration policies have become increasingly more difficult in the UK , the refugee crisis and have you seen freaking UKIP?!?! Hate is everywhere man.

I just wish we lived in a society where there wasn’t any hate or violence because of race, gender, sexual orientation etc.

My heart goes out to the people of Orlando Florida and their families.My heart also goes out to people who have fell victim to violence in their life due to some uncontrolled circumstance. Many of these deaths occur and rarely go noticed.

To make matters worse, ‘Shit-Face Trump’ has used this opportunity to feed off the Islamophobia of the nation due to the fact that the Orlando shooter was Muslim. It gives people a reason to continue this circle of hate by breeding fear and misunderstanding among people.

I just wish that as a nation or a community, we did more than tweet, post or even blog about it. How many tragedies have been broadcasted in social media to then be left to wither in the news feed? I feel like we should do more, I should do more. The fact that this is a regular occurrence is horrific and makes me really think what  our future will really be like.

How long will this hate go on? How long will we have to talk about it before things actually get done around here???

I don’t know. All I know is that my heart are with the fallen tonight and I can only hope that we as a society can move into a brighter future, because right now… the future has never been more terrifying.

Okay, vague rant over.