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Hello friends,

I think the easiest way to start this blog is to introduce myself.

My name is Shanice and I’m 21 year old Canadian girl. About two years ago shortly after graduating college, I was bored of the life I was living and went after a lifelong dream of mine. I decided to move on my own to London,England.

I’m not sure why I chose London, I think it was my weird obsession with British accents … who knows. Fast forward about a year and a half later, I still don’t regret my decision lol.

I don’t really have a reason for writing this blog, but if you enjoy learning about my life, my travels and my troubles then please read on.

This is strangely therapeutic and I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do.


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The Type Of People You Meet In Hostels

Hello Friends!



Recently I just returned from a little vacay over in Reykjavik, Iceland and during my stay I chose to use a budget hostel as accommodation. Now, a hostel for those who don’t know is like a more cost effective alternative to a hotel, it’s like sharing a hotel with a bunch of strangers! For some people that might seem like a great idea but to me, it’s not.

From my experience staying at hostels there’s always a bunch of ‘characters’ that I’ve met whilst staying in a hostel and for you guys I thought I would compile a list of the Odd people I have met during my trips.



1) The Party Guy

There always seems to be one of these guys. They’re loud, usually drunk and are just having a good time. Which is fine and dandy except when it’s 3 in the morning and all I want is some bloody sleep! What’s worse is when these guys force you into an open conversation with the rest of the crowd which can be fatal for an introvert like me.

2) The Loafer


This person basically does nothing.

I’m almost sure that these people might live at the hostel but no one knows for sure! They’re like a hostel’s greatest mystery…

3)The weird one.

Okay , story time. So I was in my bed in my hostel one night just browsing the interwebs when this lady walks in and immediately starts to stare at me. To decrease the tension I turned to her and said hello. She said hello back then followed with a long and unprompted tirade of her life story. The story was albeit quite sad and I felt bad for her but then lost compassion when she said ‘she’s been plagued by jewish people most of her life’ at this point i just awkwardly looked away and went Back to what I was doing. The rest of her stay she spent watching me intently and circling me whenever I opened my luggage. Cringe.


So I think those are not all but the most memorable types of people that I’ve encountered while staying in a hostel. All I can say for future travellers is that staying in a hostel is a lot of fun sometimes and makes for a good story so don’t be too discouraged by what’s happened to me. As for right now, I’m off but I’ll see you guys around next time.


Goodbyes Are Hard Pt.1

Hello Friends!


I seem to have created a pattern of writing my blog posts late at night when I can barely keep my eyes open. Maybe this is when I’m most inspired? Meh.

Anyways, I have finally reached the last bit of my time here in London and it’s hitting me. Pretty hard. I’ve been in denial recently over the fact that I would have to leave London and reside back in Canada.

I’ve been very slowly packing my things and basically any plans that need to be made have involved me dragging my feet through it all. I’m not sure if I’m ready for this, or really I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Most people feel sad or something to the fact that everything’s changing but for me, I don’t feel anything. I know what I’m supposed to feel but I just feel like I’m going through the motions until shit gets very real and I explode. I’m not looking forward to that moment.

These types of things makes me think, why do we fear change? Is it because we don’t know what awaits us? Or the fact that we might not have a plan? Or even the fact that having a plan doesn’t guarantee that that thing will actually happen? It’s the uncertainty of it all. I fucking hate it!

But also I’ll miss the familiarity. I’ll miss seeing the same old faces and being annoyed by the same people and the routes I take home when the sun sets. I’ll miss seeing the London coastline on the DLR and the dumb drunks yelling and laughing on the tube. I’ll miss the hustle and bustle and the impatient people waiting for you to tap your oyster card. But most of all, I’ll miss the feeling of home when I come from a long trip and see all the people I care about. I mean sure, technology exists but it’s never the same. Time passes, people drift apart. Whatsapp messages start to become unread and Skype calls are a rarity. What we once would call a friendship is now like talking to a stranger. I’m terrified of the people I love forgetting me. Maybe that’s why I’m so scared of change, because once I’m gone; I’m easily forgotten.

So obviously I have a lot of feelings about moving away.

And on that cheery note I shall bid you goodnight for now. I always forget how much I like writing these blog posts.

SB x

Hands UP, Don’t Shoot!

Hello Friends!


Yet another tragedy has struck American soil, or rather yet a farce. This week a police officer shot another unarmed black man in North Miami.


The fellow’s name is Charles Kinsey and was a therapist for children with behavioural and mental disabilities. One of the children wandered off and Kingsey went after him, where he was then shot in the leg by a police officer.

Now, here’s the joke. Charles Kinsey had his hands up the entire time he was interacting with the police officer and not only that he exclaimed that he was only there to help bring his patient back into the building. he was still shot though! And what makes me laugh was when Kingsey asked this police officer why he was shot, the officer replied with ‘I don’t know’. Um what? How can you possibly not know why you shot someone who wasn’t a threat to you  and complied to all legalities!?!?!?


I swear, someone needs to pinch me because this seems like this is becoming like an episode of some crappy sitcom that has long lost the joke. Like seriously America, what the hell is your law enforcement even about?

It just all seems like some sick joke.

However, since this incident there haven’t been many people preaching to Facebook that ‘if he followed all the rules, he wouldn’t get shot’. I mean what is the logic there?

Countless of examples including Charles Kinsey shows that even if you follow the police’s demands to a T, you still gettin’ shot boo.

I fear for the future of America, nothing seems to change and things don’t get better so what’s next for America? What’s next for the rest of the world?

I’ve been to a few protests and I could see that the people of today want change. To make that happen though, we need action and we need to properly plan.

First things first, we need to show our support on the cause. Educate yourselves , your friends and your family. Make racism something that ISN’T a normal thing.

Along with that, show support by signing the weareheremovement   petition to ask Congress to take better measures in the justice department.

Invest into our community, look up black owned business and invest! Our strength will come not only in our numbers but also in our sense of unity.

Right now we need change, and we all could be a part of that change for a better future.






We Want Justice

Hello Friends!


I know it’s been a while but today I had a lot of things I wanted to get off my chest.

Two unnecessary and tragic deaths occurred on US Soil this week. If you haven’t seen, the hashtags #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile have been plastered all over the web. These men have fallen victim to police brutality.

Now, let’s call this what it is, murder. This by all counts is murder and there is absolutely no justification for this. In both cases, the men complied with the demands of the police and still ended up dying.

This year (2016) only marks approximately the 136th death of a black male by a white cop and people still think this shit is a coincidence???

I for one am fed up. I’m done. I’m done with the death, I’m done with the ‘we don’t know the circumstances’, the ‘ but he had a weapon on him’ and the ‘all lives matter’bullshit. They could all suck on an egg.

What bothers me  most about this is not that this has become so REGULAR it’s frightening or that people still can’t acknowledge that this crime is purely not a coincidence but the fact that NOTHING IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT.

Now, I know Awkward Black Girl actress/director Issa Rae is raising funds which is great but I still feel like we can do more.

  • Warning : What I will say next might offend people so if you don’t want to be offended do not read any further.

When the shootings at the Pulse nightclub happened, the world was in an uproar. There was no trouble assigning the blame and support came at all fronts.

Celebrities, politicians and people all came together and went to battle the court to look over their gun laws (finally). Hell, even with the Brock Turner case a new bill came out of it to prevent the same thing from happening.

But where’s our support? Where’s the support for black lives matter? Where are the singers joining in song to mourn the dead, the politicians humanizing the victims and giving them proper respect, WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE DEMANDING THAT THINGS CHANGE?! WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING.

Because no one cares. I hate to think that but all the evidence is there. We have our group and we have our few allies but ultimately, black lives don’t seem to matter. Not to the entire world. I want to help in every way that I can but times like these I feel at a loss. Like if what I do or what we all do or say would even make a difference.

I can’t think of anyway to spin this post into a happy one so, tonight is a somber one. I can only wish for a better tomorrow because right now , things aren’t looking so great.


If you would like to further discuss these topics or even have ideas on how to help out, comment below.


Random Feelings

Hello Friends!

I come to you on this Tuesday afternoon with nothing to write. Well, not really nothing to write persay, I just don’t know what to write about. So forgive me if my usual unstructured post seem even less structured than usual.

Now, I’m about less than three months away from being back in my home country and I’m not sure how to feel. A friend from college recently got in touch with me and was telling me how she got a job in her field and how everything is working well for her. Meanwhile over here, I’m sobbing over an emotional scene in OITNB.

I feel like with travel and my experience, I should have my life together but I always get this sinking feeling that I don’t.

That when I return home I will be as lost as I am now.

But don’t worry, it’s not all too bad. I’m also happy because I’m seeing myself and my friends grow and can’t wait to reunite with people who I haven’t seen in so long. I look forward to that.

Anyways, I warned you this post will be more of a tangent than anything so, enjoy and live a little.


Saturday Night

Hey Friends!

So funny thing, I think I broke my friend’s hair dryer . As I have FINALLY found a hair stylist to braid my hair, I prepped my hair for the upcoming process by washing, deep condition then blowdrying it straight.

However, my friend’s blow dryer could not withstand the intensity of hair and gave out at around the last quarter of the way. We had to take frequent breaks since the hair dryer kept overheating. The mouth had started to light up and black smoke had arise from the vent. Obviously me and my friend who was helping me realized that continuing this meant certain death so, I opted to just not continue blow drying my hair.

Thus, creating this.


Not my best look. The back was dry and stretched out while the front was still shrunken and moist.

Although all that went wrong, I still had a pretty good night! I saw some friends whom I haven’t seen in awhile and I realized how easy and comfortable I am with these people. The friends I’ve made in London have been my truest and most trustworthy people to have close to me. I’m very lucky to have them and will miss them insanely when I go.I think next time I want to blow out my hair, I’m just going to visit a salon for some heavy duty shit.

(RIP Blowdryer)



Family Values

Hello friends!

Today started on a relatively good note. As I was walking over to the train station ( being late as usual) I saw a brother and sister walk past me.

The brother seemed quite young, about 8-12 years of age while the sister was clearly in her teens or even early adulthood. The brother was walking and attempting the newest dance craze ‘the dab’ and was having so much fun with it. His sister however, looked at him with mild annoyance and shook her head mouthing ‘No’.

I could see though that she was smiling when her little brother wasn’t looking.

It was literally the sweetest thing.

That family dynamic was very similar to my own as my little brother and I have over 12 years of age difference. Seeing them made me miss him and my entire family all the more.

Since I moved to England from Canada, I’ve always made sure to message my parents at least once a week to know that I was okay and to give them the deets on any current drama. Sometimes, my siblings would join in on the phone call and give me a shy hello and the latest events that were happening in their life. Recently, I noticed my brother has been more vocal when I’m on the phone and makes sure that I know all about what he’s doing and how he is. He also reminds me how much he loves me every single day making me realize how much I love that little boy.

I am blessed to have such a loving family despite family drama and whatever else families have. I started my adventure wanting to get away, to escape the drama, the conflict and the hate and now, I start to see more and more how much I took my family for granted. Despite our problems, they were always there and ready.

My family love and support me and I’m literally so lucky to have each and every one of them. Saying that, Father’s Day is coming up so I should probably give my dad a call and listen to him rant and rave about god knows what.

If I had a lesson for the day I would say, don’t take your family for granted. It may not seem like it but they love you with all their heart. It took me a while to learn that.




Good Evening Friends,

I’m realizing that most of these blog posts are written at around midnight and it’s not for creative purposes! I literally only have free time around midnight to sit down and write stuff. Like, what is my life? haha.

It’s so funny how we’re supposed to be in the beginning of summer but this week, all I’ve been welcomed with is traditional London weather of rain and clouds. To be honest, I like rain it’s very calming and serene. However after four days straight of it, you start to wonder if summer in London is actually a thing.

Now it’s storytime. So today something happened that has kind of irked me and maybe I might be too sensitive or maybe I’m just reading into it too much but… I ain’t happy.

So basically, I was cruising on Twitter one day and saw this girl who had tweeted that a certain company were hiring people. She directed followers to her tweet and said to reach out to her to get the connection. Now, I’m all for trying to get the next opportunity so I hopped on it and replied ASAP, letting her know I was interested. I was excited since this opportunity had many of my interests involved and would love great on my CV.I saw that the amount of people replying were swarming so maybe I stood a chance.

So I waited 10 minutes. Nothing. Fair enough, maybe she was busy. Another 10 minutes and still nothing. I spent some time looking at all the replies and the confirmation tweets about getting further details. Another 10 minutes. STILL NOTHING. The minutes turned to hours and next thing you know it was the next day and I still got no response! Now, most people will be like, ‘Chill. Maybe this person is busy.’   Which is a reasonable thought to have. However this person was replying and tweeting all day and it just made me wonder what the hell was going on. So, I finally retweeted the same Tweet and tagged her in it re- expressing my interest.

I saw on my Twitter feed that she had responded to other potential candidates while I still waited on a message. I felt cheated. Obviously my mind went a million miles a minute wondering what did I do to not deserve a chance.

Was I too desperate?

Maybe she didn’t see my reply?

Maybe she doesn’t like black people? ( far- fetched I know but I get ridiculous when I panic)

The longer I waited for a reply the more I felt like some sort of injustice has been served to me. Unfortunately, a thing that my mom has always told me resonates  in situations like these.

‘Shit Happens.’ and it does.

Maybe I was too eager or maybe that person was just too busy but for me I always tend to take these things personally as irrational as it sounds. I still haven’t received a reply yet and it’s day 2. So I think this opportunity will not be for me. Bummer.

But as they say, you never know what the future holds and what I miss out now might not compare to what I experience next. I just need to not lose my momentum and still strive to better myself and move forward.

So if you are feeling like a rejected prom date when it comes to life, just wait. You have no idea what the future holds and it might be better than some crummy job ad on Twitter. Just hang on.



A World of Hate

Good evening friends,

I just saw on Facebook about the Florida Orlando shootings at a gay club and it saddened me deeply.

I wasn’t sure what to think at first, like why is there homophobia in the world, why is there still so much hate, why is there guns?!?!?!

On my Twitter and Instagram feed came the slew of posts, some were people giving their condolences while others were ranting and raving about gun laws in America. These posts had me thinking of something a family member of mine shared on Facebook.

She lives in Canada but came over to the UK to spend some time off and one remark she made of Europe was, ‘There’s no racism/homophobia in Europe like there is in The States, it’s so refreshing’ .

That statement got me thinking, in my mind I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I mean  immigration policies have become increasingly more difficult in the UK , the refugee crisis and have you seen freaking UKIP?!?! Hate is everywhere man.

I just wish we lived in a society where there wasn’t any hate or violence because of race, gender, sexual orientation etc.

My heart goes out to the people of Orlando Florida and their families.My heart also goes out to people who have fell victim to violence in their life due to some uncontrolled circumstance. Many of these deaths occur and rarely go noticed.

To make matters worse, ‘Shit-Face Trump’ has used this opportunity to feed off the Islamophobia of the nation due to the fact that the Orlando shooter was Muslim. It gives people a reason to continue this circle of hate by breeding fear and misunderstanding among people.

I just wish that as a nation or a community, we did more than tweet, post or even blog about it. How many tragedies have been broadcasted in social media to then be left to wither in the news feed? I feel like we should do more, I should do more. The fact that this is a regular occurrence is horrific and makes me really think what  our future will really be like.

How long will this hate go on? How long will we have to talk about it before things actually get done around here???

I don’t know. All I know is that my heart are with the fallen tonight and I can only hope that we as a society can move into a brighter future, because right now… the future has never been more terrifying.

Okay, vague rant over.


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